Inner Library

It is a large library located deep in the Baskerville family’s main castle, and its size rivals the ranking within the Empire.

“Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve come in and seen it myself.”

Vikir passed through the entrance guarded by several knights and entered the restricted area.

When he had presented the pass signed by Hugo himself, no one dared to stop him.

Some knights even gave a salute with a light smile.

Before long, Vikir stood in front of the passage leading to the depths of the universe.

This library, made by directly drilling a hole in the rock wall, was comparable to the mouth of a giant monster.

Books were piled up all over the place, looking down at Vikir.

“I’ll have to hurry up a bit.”

Vikir looked at his library, thinking about the time left.

His heart was in a hurry, but his steps and gaze moved slowly.

The unique feeling of old books, the smell of ink and dust.

But he didn’t feel particularly cozy.

Books discussing techniques for dealing with weapons, calculation methods for killing enemies with the shortest route, and efficient and logical killing theories.

And the library where they are tightly packed together.

Numerous swordsmen from previous generations who existed in the history of the Baskevilles are engaged in a silent war of words, remaining only in theory.

Is that why?

Rather than stepping into a library, it felt like walking through the corridors of a prison where ruthless and cold homicidal maniacs were imprisoned.

Vikir felt a stabbing gaze from the swordsmanship textbooks.

And Vikir soon got used to all of this.


The sound of footsteps sinking into the abyss of the corridor.

The deeper you go into the library, the older books you can see.

‘Cutting front teeth’ swordsmanship, ‘mincing molars’ swordsmanship, ‘piercing fangs’ swordsmanship, “double-bite double tooth” swordsmanship, “hidden tooth” swordsmanship… … ,

Familiar swordsmanship textbooks, swordsmanship textbooks he wanted to learn so much in his previous life, and swordsmanship textbooks that were so powerful that he had never dared to dream were lined up neatly like teeth.

The locks to prevent theft or thieves’ access were firmly locked.

Usually, collateral and illegitimate children, no matter how much mana they have and how much experience they have in practice, it is difficult for them to learn more than 4 types of swordsmanship.

Direct descendents learn at least 5-level swordsmanship, elites among direct descendents learn 6-level swordsmanship, and elders learn 7th-level swordsmanship.

Hugo Baskerville has now mastered the 7th Baskerville, and the seven teeth he draws have made him one of the most powerful figures on the continent and a sword master.

As it is a rivalry with the head of the House of Morgue, known as the great wizard of the 7th circle, the inaction must be similar to some extent.

Vikir paused his steps.

In the vast library, there are a sea of books that you can’t tell which book is in which place.

In one of them, he could see the book Hugo gave him.

A bookshelf with several layers of locks on it, befitting a valuable collection.

When he matched the key Hugo gave him, the book hidden inside was revealed.

<Baskerville Carnivore, Twice-Stuck Tooth>

A book that contains noble swordsmanship that Vikir would never have dreamed of in his previous life.

Vikir picked it up and looked it over.

According to the shape of the teeth drawn by the trajectory of the knife, the methods of cutting, stabbing, blocking, crushing, cutting, and mincing are described.

And this swordsmanship manual was discussing how to draw a total of six teeth.

Naturally, Hugo must have thought it would be unreasonable for 8-year-old Vikir to memorize them in one day.

So, with a certain amount of goodwill and a certain amount of belittling, he would have allowed Vikir to read the book on meat-eating swordsmanship.

However, Vikir was a skilled swordsman who has lived 40 years and was an elite Baskerville among Baskevilles who survived even after going through the age of destruction.

Of course, he had mastered the theories of swordsmanship 1 to 4.

To the extent that he already guessed and established the theory of the 5th fang, which he had not formally learned.

The time when he was stagnant because he did not know the right way.

The formula for rising one’s status that one longed for with a burning thirst.

“… … Right. After drawing the fourth tooth, I had to break the flow of mana once. That’s why I couldn’t create a fifth tooth!”

Vikir finally felt his thoughts clear up.

It took only about 3 hours to understand and memorize the knowledge he had gained.

Of course, it was thanks to the experience accumulated over and over while staying on 4 fangs for almost 20 years.

Having memorized the entire book, Vikir soon closed it.

It’s good that he figured out the way to go over to 4th fang and go to 5th and 6th fang, but in fact, that’s not the real purpose of being here today.

Vikir returned to the very beginning of the Inner Library.

It was a space that even knights who stood guard and servants who cleaned the library could pass through.

“what? young master. Why did you come out again?”

“What have you forgotten? We will bring it to you.”

“If you are hungry, shall we bring you a meal?

Servants come to talk kindly.

Judging from the subtle respect and fear imbued in his gaze, it seems that the rumors of this practical skills evaluation have already spread.

But Vikir shook his head.

“I’m done with my errands.”

The servants were also surprised by those words, and even the guardian knights who were standing guard were surprised.


“Watch a little more and then come out.”

“Do you still have a lot of time left?”

Everyone didn’t say anything, but they looked very sorry.

It must be so.

To refuse the swordsmanship textbooks that were like treasures stored deep in the Inner Library and to leave them out in a matter of hours.

It is understandable that they feel sorry for them, as these are valuable collections that are worth reading even at the risk of their lives.

Even if it was Vikir before the return, it would have been the same.

But Vikir was unconcerned.

“Before I leave, I plan to read other books as well, so stop worrying and do what you have to do.”

at the same time. Vikir headed to the shallowest floor of the Inner Library, where miscellaneous books were collected.

Some of the knights, who were shining a watchful eye, whispered while watching such a Vikir.

“If it were me, I would have read the swordsmanship textbooks in the depths. I must have memorized it like crazy.”

“he is still young and doesn’t know its full value. He would regret it for the rest of your life when you get older.”

“I have to tell the others not to worry. It’s because he is reading insignificant miscellaneous books like that.”

However, if they had seen Vikir’s expression back to them, they wouldn’t have thoughtlessly talked like that.

Vikir was rummaging through the books with a zeal.

Nobody cared about these books and they were a jumbled mess on this dusty bookshelf.

Vikir searched slowly and painstakingly.

And he was able to find what he was looking for within a few hours.

The edge of the library, a place that everyone could see, but everyone passed by without thinking.

There was an old book stuck there.

It seems that there is no preservation magic applied because it is quite dusty.

“… … .”

Vikir stood for a long while, staring at the title of the book.

<Lurking Ambush>

A basic book of type 1 that even the children of the Baskevilles did not care to read.

An old book classified as a swordsmanship textbook.

But who in this world knew the value of this book?

Only Vikir, who had lived through the age of destruction, knew.

This book is the Baskerville’s greatest treasure!

Vikir pulled out the book.

It seemed to have been on the bookshelf for a very long time, and at first it did not come out well.

It wasn’t until after I pulled out and put away a few books that were blocking my way that it was pulled out and revealed to the world.

“… A lurking ambush.”

Having succeeded in extracting the book, Vikir carefully swiped it with his hand.

And he turned the page.


He quickly turned through the pages.

And soon, the reason why this book was classified as a miscellaneous book was revealed.

A torn page can be seen in the middle of the book.

A sparse book, as if a few pages had been knocked out.

Torn marks are evident on every important page. Of course, the contents were cut off and not connected.

Because of this, no one could understand the contents of this book, and as a result, it must have been classified as such an insignificant miscellaneous book.


‘… … I know.’

Vikir. he memorized what was written on the torn pages of this book.

Because the memories of participating in the ‘Operation to Recapture Torn Pages’ or ‘Operation to Restore Missing Teeth’ were still clear in his head.

At that time, the hound that crossed countless lines and collected all the pages that had been torn and lost was Vikir van Baskeville!