Vikir recalled.

It was just a few days ago.

Something similar to the award Hugo Baskeville gave in the name of getting first place in the written exam.

‘Do you have any snacks you want to eat?’


‘Go to the food storage and take out as much as you wants. But, don’t be too greedy. Just what you can carry.’

At that time, Vikir had been handed over the key to the food warehouse.

In the cellar following Barrymore, Vikir obtained a bag of chocolate beans.

‘In the past, the Lord personally led knights to subjugate the savages on the western front and reclaimed the vast jungles of the area as farmland. It is said that one grain of ‘bloody bean’, can make 100 liters of chocolate.’

Bloody Bean. A magical bean that boasts a rich flavor that one bean can make 100 liters of chocolate.

Vikir took out a single bloody bean from the sack he was wearing around his waist.

And he looked at the hellhound, which had been very slow while going around the water, and was now rushing towards him.

The way it was rushing towards him with its mouth wide open is as if asking for something to be thrown into its mouth.

In the eyes of Vikir, it looked like that.

… fick!

Vikir flicked with a bean into the hellhound’s mouth.

And the effects were immediate.

… Yelp!

A hellhound swallowed something that flew into its mouth.

The guy started to stagger.

[Cahang! Crack! Yep!]

Its mouth started frothing, and sticky mucous vomit trickled down.

It started convulsing.

It heart beat quickened as if it were going to burst, and it started bleed ing from the eyes.

‘As expected.’

Vikir nodded his head.

it was a fact known to all hunters who had gone through the era of destruction.

That is the fact that canine monsters are weak to chocolate.

The substances like chocolate beans are like poison to dogs.

Even if it was a hound from hell, this was similar.

“Let’s see. Vomiting of mucus, difficulty breathing, incontinence, diarrhea, increased body temperature, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, convulsions, seizures, severe agitation… … And then death?”

Vikir grabbed a blunt shortsword.

Then, he walked after the hellhound as it staggered away into the depths of the forest.

“The blow to the stomach and heart must have come first. The liver is next.”

However, a hellhound’s stomach, heart and liver were protected by ribs that are harder than steel.

And Vikir couldn’t squeeze through the gaps with the blunt shortsword he currently had.

In that case, it is best to aim for a place that is slightly off the ribs and still weakened by the chocolate.

“… … The answer is height.”

The lower abdomen, which the hellhound’s ribs can’t cover, and the kidneys, which are overworked by the toxin from the chocolate.

Vikir laid his shortsword and stabbed it hard.

His blade was blunt, so he couldn’t cut or penetrate, but it was enough to damage the muscle, and kidneys beneath.


The more the shock comes tothe kidney, the weaker the kidney and the stronger the toxins.

The hellhound dropped on the floor, slowly died

Vikir cut off the last breath of the hellhound, which had become irresistible.

Hellhounds are monsters of the canine family, and at the same time, they are monsters of the hell who roam around with the hellfire swallowed in their stomachs.

If you don’t kill it, you won’t know when it will become a threat again, like an ember reviving from the ashes.

“I’ll have to take care of it.”

Vikir raised his shortsword and completely extinguished the hellhound’s last spark of life.

puck! puck! puck! Wow!

With his blunt shortsword, there was no answer other than to beat it.


An amazing thing happened.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

When the hellhound died, an intangible aura escaped from its corpse and settled into Vikir’s body.

What many people call “experience,” “effort,” or “karma,” “karma.”

When this mysterious and magical energy obtained by killing monsters accumulates in the body, it leads to strengthening of the body.

Vikir single-handedly defeated a high-ranking monster that children of her age could not dare imagine, and as a result, his body became even more powerful.

In addition to the blessing of the Styx River, the experience gained from killing a hellhound was added.

Vikir’s body is now impervious to any amount of poison, magic, or other physical force.

“… … hmm. Are my bones thicker now? I also seem to have grown taller.”

The shortsword in my hand became much lighter than before.

Since the weight of the sword could not suddenly decrease, it must be said that the strength of the grip has increased.

boom- boom-

No other 8-9 year olds handle the knife as if wielding it with one hand, which is difficult to wield even with both hands.

However, there is still a long way to go before he regains his former strength.

‘At this pace, I’ll be able to recover all my strength before the coming-of-age ceremony.’

Vikir is only 8 years old now. The level is Advanced Sword Expert.

The other Baskerville would only reach it after the coming-of-age ceremony.

After the next seven years, he was more than confident enough to regain the power of his previous life.

‘Right now, if I get first place in the practical test, since there’s a reward.’

Vikir looked down at the hellhound’s corpse with a satisfied expression.

If the corpse of this monster, which is still hot, is brought to the family, it is a matter of course that it won first place in the practical evaluation.

Going out of the boundary area could be a bit of a problem, but it’s a rebuke to the guardian knights in charge and rather praise from the examinee’s point of view.

An 8-year-old kid went out of the border area that even knights struggle with, and went to the forbidden zone to catch a dangerous grade B+ monster, and that alone!

He could already picture Hugo’s expression.

… hung!

Vikir grabbed the hellhound by the tail and began to drag it away.

The corpse of a monster is subject to gravity and different laws from the human world because its soul is held in the demon realm.

Because of that, Hellhound’s corpse was much heavier than it seemed, but Vikir’s strength was different from that of a normal 8-year-old, so it didn’t matter.


Vikir continued to move forward.

It was an uphill road back.

Now to go back and submit Hellhound’s corpse to the Guardian Knights.

And when he thought of the reward, a smile formed on Vikir’s lips.

Vikir was waiting for a huge reward that he would never have dared to dream of in his lifetime, a treasure that no one even knows the real value of in this day and age.

… at that time.

Vikir stopped looking around.

Grrrrr… …

The cries that flowed from the depths of the sea behind them.

The howl coming from deep in the throat is getting closer.

“… … Oops.”

Vikir put down the hellhound’s corpse for a moment.

I forgot.

Hellhounds are monsters that live in packs.


Fires began to burn in the darkness of the sea of trees.

Eleven Hellhounds came and surrounded Vikir.


“… … .”

Vikir just grinned, unfazed in the slightest.

Rather, the hellhounds who faced that smile just shrank their bodies low and growled as if they were anxious.

Do they recognize the danger?

It seems that even those who passed through the era of destruction and passed through another round of reincarnation could not wash away the smell of blood that was deeply embedded in their souls.

Just like Bloody Mamba, the venomous snake who froze at the sight of Vikir in the cradle, it seems that the enemy and the Hellhounds of Black Mountain did not dare to act carelessly in front of Vikir, who reveals his life in earnest.

Before long, Vikir opened his mouth.

“Come on guys. There are still a lot of beans left.”

Bloody bean beans rattle at the waist.

Considering the body that became stronger after catching one hellhound, the growth rate when he could kill the hellhounds gathered here… he couldn’t even guess.

When the Vikir and the hellhounds were in such a tense confrontation.

I’m sorry… …

The ferocious hellhounds suddenly curled their tails between their crotches and began to withdraw.

“… … ?”

Vikir was a little surprised.

A hellhound that once bares its teeth will never show its back.

But now, the hellhounds were running away in fear.

No matter how heinous the killing intent that Vikir spewed out was, he still had the body of an 8-year-old child, so it wasn’t enough to deal with all of them.

What then?

What external factors could cause these hellhounds to run away with their tails down?

Eventually, Vikir soon learned what it was.

Grrrrr… …

The sound of spit and brimstone boiling.

The owner of this growl who made all hellhounds scared.

Six eyes burning in the dark.

Three heads poking out of the root hole of the sea.

“… Did something like this live here?”

A top-notch monster that makes even surprised him.


Risk level: A+

Size: 7m

Discovery Location: Red and Black Mountains 7th


-Aka “Hell’s Guard Dog”

It was not interested in the ghosts who went to hell, but the ghosts who wanted to get out of hell are immediately torn to pieces by it.

It lives deep in hell, where all the evil ghosts finally head, and leads to the ultimate of monsters of the canine species.

The three-headed dog, which symbolizes hell itself, appeared.