Sequence (序)

I’m on the verge of dying anyway, so let’s get to the bottom of this.

What the hell did I do so wrong?

Heavenly Killer.

The Murim Alliance, which I can’t help but chew, branded me like that.

They say I was born with the power of the Heavenly Killer.

Even when I was too young to hold a blade in my hand.

This just means that they have decided to drive me out into murim and trample me to death.

I’ve spent my life running and fighting them.

But now I’ve had enough.

A long spear has pierced my side, five arrows are embedded in my body, and my back is torn open in a long, diagonal slash, dripping with blood.


The scent of blood wafts through the wind as it approaches.


There is no one alive around.

There are only corpses whose limbs are torn apart and their shapes are hard to recognize.

Yes, I killed them all.

An old man steps among the corpses.

The Murim Alliance Leader, with a white beard that extends to his chest, looks sad.

But I know one thing.

There are a hundred or so rattlesnakes hovering in the stomach of that humble masked old man.

“How cruel of you, only in this way can the dead rest in peace?”

“Cough, Cough! Fuck! Do you find dignity in corpses? They’re all the same when they’re dead. A hole in the head, a torn limb, all the same. Oh, I will make you both old man, just to make it feel a little more special because you are Murim Alliance Leader.”

As I grinned through the blood, The leader smiled bitterly and lowered his head.

“If it weren’t for your super-sighted eyes, this would have been over long ago. So much for innocent sacrifice.”

“What? Kuh, khahahahaha!”

I burst into a laughter, and Murim Alliance Leader looks on in silence.

It took me a while to stop laughing, and then I snapped.

“You’re such an old man. If it wasn’t for the murim alliance to begin with, do you think you’d have pushed me to the edge?”

“Oh, what a misunderstanding. What you’re being condemned for today is the murder you’ve committed. Beginning with Hebei Peng Family long ago, you have murdered countless great masters, instigated wicked people to disturb the order of the great masters, abandoned agreements…….”

“Kuhugh. Fuck it getting blury. Cover the sky with your palms. Leader. You’ve completely changed your ways.”

“You have no remorse, then? Today is the end of your life. All these years, you’ve never known the heavens, but now you realize that there are heavens above you.”

“You gathered thousands of people to kill me, and then you talked about the sky above the sky.”

I paused to catch my breath, then finished.

“The only martial artist I recognize is…… Namgung Seon, and she was the first and the last.”

“Are you talking about the girl who became so passionate about you that she forgot her duties?”

“You despicable bastards, Still, even though she was a woman, she was once praised as the greatest dragon in the world and now you’ve turned your back on her. Kugh, cuih!”

The leader sighed with a pitiful expression.

“It’s a pity for the Southern Palace(Namgung Family). To lose such an innate talent so futilely.”

“I’ve had enough of your bullshit. She fell ill and died because you were angry at her for maliciously criticizing you.”

I gritted my teeth and glared at him.

I’ll die soon, but I’ll have him as a comrade in the afterlife.

But then the leader smiles, as if he’s remembered something.

“Fate is so shallow, isn’t it? The child she gave birth to died three days ago. I just received the news today.”

My eyes widen as I focus all my energy on the Heavenly Blood Dragon.

“What kind of bullshit is that?”

“Hoho, didn’t you know that Namgung Seon had a son with your blood?”

What does that mean?

She had a child? My son?

No way.

My mind was suddenly spinning, and the leader smiled his usual disgusting smile.

“Aren’t you going to meet in the afterlife soon anyway? Ask her for details. It will be a family reunion.”

“What the fuck……!”

The moment I spoke, the leader hand dropped down.

A hand signal.


In an instant, a shadow of death covered the sky in black.

Ssshhhhhhhhhhh! Puff, puff, puff……!


Hard iron bars pierced my entire body, including my heart.


God, this isn’t a last resort!

My son?

I had a son I never saw!

And he’s already dead?

Let me ask you again.

What did I do so wrong?

Do I really deserve this?

Shouldn’t I have been allowed to see my son’s face at least once?

Fuck, God, Heaven, Holy Spirit!

If you had a conscience, you would have given me one chance to live properly!

Damn it…….

The body slowly reclines.


The hard ground hits my face.


I see the leader’s feet approaching me as I fall to the ground.

Soon after, I see a blur of his savage smile.

“In your next life, please be an ordinary person and only do good deeds. Jin Cheon Lang.”