Chapter 542 – Constant Beings (2)

◈ Episode 542. Constant Beings (2)

Why are demonic monsters so tricky?

‘In the first place, people with no bottom or end are scarier.’

As Grandfell says, it’s because they can’t grasp the subject.

Ironically, that’s why demons have always been able to be so malicious. But there is someone who can terrorize even the most demonic monsters: their natural enemy, the Demon Hunter.

I thought coldly.

‘Absolute strength is meaningless in the face of demons.’

I didn’t have to go far to see the demon worshippers hiding in the Magic Tower. How could the so-called Elder Mages be afraid of mere demons, neither great nor high-ranking demons?

I hear the voice of Karimzeva, the Fire Dragon.

-“If you can reach the true truth……!”

Unbeknownst to them.

They were possessed by demons.

Demons are cunning and vicious.

In that sense, for the first time in a while, I shrugged my shoulders in front of Grandfell.

‘If only I hadn’t chosen to be a demon hunter.’

Grandfell, even if it was you.

It’s not easy dealing with demons.

That’s definitely not an exaggeration, are you?

You see, even in Hell, they’re the same, those things.

[Hell Imp: Lv.200]

Regardless of their numbers, their strength is excessive.

They were comparable to mobs that were at least level 1,000. Moreover, the demon was not intimidated by my magic power, which was of a different order of magnitude than that of a clueless demon.

But demons weren’t the only ones who remained steadfast.


Flashing quest message.

[Class Quest: Are We Still Demons?]

I ask you, Akshan. We who became demons to hunt demons, we who fell to hell to hunt demons, we who have hunted demons since falling to hell, are we still demons?

-Encounter the demon hunter in Hell. (Success)


The sound of a crossbow being loaded is heard.


The horrified faces of the imps realize.

“Long time no see, Akshan, my fellow comrades.”

Demon Hunters of Hell.

The fiercest foe of demons is here.

Of course, there was no reply.

‘You really don’t have affection, like anyone else.’

After all, I’ve come all the way to Hell to find you, isn’t a friendly greeting the least you could do? I was a little disappointed, but since when have Akshans been friendly?

At my words, Kinver released [Stealth].

“Well, comrade-in-arms, I don’t suppose the rumors were true……?!”

Comrade-in-arms, Akshan.

He seemed to notice my muttering to myself.

My class is [Demon Hunter].

‘Yes, it was true, the rumor.’

But why do you say that, Kinver?

‘What other rumors do you have?’

Did Kinver just make a wild assumption without my knowledge?

‘…… I can’t imagine there’s more than one rumor.’

It was a moment of serious thought.

I heard Elsidor’s voice murmur.


Well, even through the eyes of a blood elf, it was incredible.

“They were truly human.”

It was a sight I couldn’t get used to, even after witnessing the brute strength of the seniors Akshan of Hell so many times. Even with [Tenacity] and [Natural Enemy] triggered, those were demon hunters.

“Help me!!!”

“I don’t want to die again!”


It’s overwhelming.

Not overwhelmed by my magic, not overwhelmed by Elsidor’s sword.

The imp horde begins to run in terror.

‘It’s a hell where the deadfall.’

The meaning of the words is simple.

‘It’s a place where killing is pointless.’

But our seniors are the embodiment of [Tenacity].

Yes, seniors, hunting down demons may be meaningless in some ways.

It continued even in Hell.

‘So much so that even the demons of Hell could see the subject matter.’

Needless to say, that was the end of the battle.

The entire imp horde was slain.

The green flames, the hellfire, burned brightly.

Lorenzik spoke last.

“A never-ending circle, a literal road to hell.”

I think so too.

The Akshan have been on a never-ending demon hunt in a hell that no one can escape, to use a Grandfell phrase.

‘Because it’s their pride.’

There was no triumphant exhilaration.

The emotions flowing through the silence…….

If I had to express it, would I say it was pious?

‘…… Damn, I never thought the day would come when that outfit would look cool again.’

That was the first time since my second year of middle school.

Of course, that’s not the point.

The quest objective was flashing in front of me.

Let’s see, I thought, now I have a choice.

I stared at the flashing message.

-Enter Hell. (Success)

●Recognize Akshan of Hell. (Choice)

●Reject Akshan of Hell. (Optional)

Note that it’s not my opinion that matters.

It was Grandfell’s opinion.

I glanced at Grandfell in the corner of my eye.

‘……I’m still not sure, actually.’

I dare say, there is no one in the real world or on the Arcana continent who knows you better than I do. But I still don’t know you.

‘If it’s the Grandfell I know.’

And if it’s the Grandfell that the wraiths we encountered earlier know, then surely they recognize the Demon Hunters of Hell. No, he would not only recognize them, he would praise them.

‘Shamelessly so.’

Because we were the survivors of Akshan and became the leaders of Akshan.

But as I said, I wasn’t sure. I still remembered the side of Grandfell I had witnessed during the rampage of [Blackening] and [Heavenly Infant Solitude].

It was then.


……I see, regardless of my concerns, you are unyielding, aren’t you? My feet began to move towards the Akshan seniors, but my lips did not fall.


Demon Hunters of Hell.

They loaded their crossbows at me.

I hear Elsidor’s urgent voice.

“It’s dangerous!”

It was Elsidor, who had witnessed the power of the Demon Hunters of Hell, and now that they were poised to attack me, it was no wonder his voice was so shrill.

But it’s all right, Elsidor.

‘Do you think I see them every day?’

Akshan-style conversation that would never hold a candle to Grandfell’s.

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I wouldn’t be the least bit afraid if they held a silver sword to my throat.

‘When I think about the first time I set foot in Akshan…….’

Akshan is based on a distant cliff. I managed to climb up the cliff, but they kicked me because the time limit had expired, which was an Akshan-style welcome greeting.


‘No matter how great you are, you’re still a demon hunter, right?’

What I’m saying is that the force mentioned earlier is only effective when [Natural Enemy] is activated.

Am I right, seniors?

I stare at them unblinkingly, and they say.

“Until you face the truth.”

It was Akshan, as usual.

“You will not understand us.”

Flickering Vision.

●Recognize the Akshan of Hell. (Unable to select)

●Reject the Akshan of Hell. (Unable to select )

First, I apologize, Grandfell.

‘I wondered if there were people in the world with as many secrets as you.’

Those guys are no joke, either, really!

That I couldn’t face any truth.

I don’t know if they’re blocking quest options.

That was a relief.

“But if you are ready to face it, go ahead.”

Our seniors.

With their harsh words.

They paved the way to the Third Gate.

Suddenly, I remembered the pleas of the wraiths.

-“You must not go……! Beyond that gate, even more painful trials and truths await the young lord!”

Painful trials and truths.

At the time, I thought he was just talking.

Well, you’d better be prepared.

Because it seemed like there was an opportunity in this hell to encounter ‘something’ very important that had to be addressed. But it was something completely unexpected.


My usually confident feet stopped moving. I tried to push myself forward, but it didn’t work, but it was my body, and I could recognize it.


I don’t know why.

Grandfell wouldn’t let me walk.

Wait a minute, you’re saying something different, right?

‘You’ve put on all the pretense of being a good head of family.’

You’re about to face the truth.

Why did you stop so suddenly?

My silence startled the others.

Kinver cautiously called out to me.


It was the demon hunters of Hell who spoke for the still-silent me. cheolkeog. The seniors lowered their crossbows and spoke.

“I see, you still need time.”

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

At this moment, more than any other.

I was most afraid of the seniors’ generous attitude.

“I understand.”

So much so that those bloodless, tearless gentlemen understand.

So much so that the Great Grandfell would hesitate.

Are you saying that the truth that awaits us at the Third Gate is enormous?


I was stunned.

The words finally fell out.

Grandfell spat it out.


From the first word, I knew it.

You’ve really come to this…….

You haven’t changed, have you, Grandfell?

“Something more urgent came up than facing the truth.”

Dude, that’s not a good enough excuse!

‘There’s no such thing as urgent business, is there, we?’

Not normally.

We had a week to prepare before entering this Hell.

A week for everyone else was a ‘whopping’ week for Grandfell.

‘I lost a few days to Paimon, but…….’

On the day of entry, I told my mom and dad and even Wensu.

Don’t worry, I’ll go to hell.

He even went to confession and entered Hell!



Before I knew it, the flames of hell were engulfing me. Lorenzik had quickly cast Torch of Hell.

[Torch of Hell]

[Rank: Epic]

[Restriction: Living]

[Effect: Causes you to retreat from Hell].

[Description: A torch that lights up hell. Its effect is to repel. The living who cannot set foot in Hell will be drawn to reality, and the dead who cannot escape it will be drawn to the depths of Hell……..]

‘I’m getting a little impatient.’

There was no smile on Lorenzik’s face.

‘Well, I’ve worried you unnecessarily.’

Perhaps my silence at the last moment has had an effect.

‘By the way.’

Green color.

In the flames of hell.

I can feel my seniors’ eyes on me.

I can feel their eyes on me, and I think to myself apologetically.

‘……First, we need to come to an agreement.’

So don’t get any ideas, Grandfell.

[Sixth Sight Brooch].

From your excuses to your retreat from the truth.

‘For the first time in a while, I can give some strength to my shoulders in front of you.’

I, Lee Hoyeol, as a grown man and a member of society.

It was the moment when I promised myself that I would nag Grandfell a little.

Suddenly, my perspective changed.

And then it was now.


Seoul, the land of anomalies.

As soon as I returned, the message I’d missed was updated.

And then.


The messages made me take another step back from Grandfell. Damn it, something more urgent than facing the truth really did happen.


Mixed emotions overlapped and overlapped.

Thanks to you.

My voice is cold and calm.

“The price for turning my back will be severe.”