Chapter 133 – Complaining (2)

◈ Episode 133. Complaining (2)


Branches and branch leaders from all over the world were bustling around.

One by one, their faces appeared on the screen.

Someone who was looking at each face opened their mouth.

“Are you still in charge of the United Kingdom and South Korea Branches?”

As soon as the question was asked.


Park Minjae’s face appeared on the screen.

Park Minjae hurriedly greeted him.

“Huh, sorry I’m late.”

“No, Mr. Park, we should be understanding.”

“You’re so busy.”

Park Minjae, there was only one reason he was busy.

It was because of Lee Ho-yeol.

Just moments before, he had been running around the AAU Korea office in a frenzy.

Park clears his throat and opens his mouth.

“I’ve just been saying the same thing like a tape recorder these past few days. Anyway, once it bites, it won’t let go, Korean media. The existence of a hidden class? We’d like to know about it too, please, and even if you say it with such an innocent look on your face……!”

“Oh no, Mr. Branch Manager. Your face is too close.”

“That’s why you haven’t washed up, isn’t it, Mr. Moleskine!”

“…I’m ……? I went to the sauna this morning, and I’m all cleaned up.”


We were all choking on our words.

I had to put it aside for now.

“Anyway, thanks for understanding.”

“Mm-hmm. You’re running late, by the way.”

“He’s been running late a lot lately.”

” ……Hasn’t the UK side stopped creating rifts for a while?”

“Well, whatever, we’re not in a position to wait, let’s get started.”

An unscheduled emergency meeting.

The reason for the gathering of AAU’s chapter leaders was simple.

A screen of images flashed up.

“So what do you think his identity is?”

Deep in the depths of the Teffern Labyrinth.

A giant pupil perched on the wall.

It wasn’t hard to get the words out.

“Pupils and size. The detail in the skin texture alone is telling. It’s definitely a dragonkin monster. However, as you all know, dragons are not allowed on the continent of Arcana…….”

That’s common knowledge for an Arcana developer.

“They only stay near the [Zero Mountains].”

“Isn’t it possible that the setting has changed?”

“Actually, there’s a good chance it has, now. I mean, after the appearance of the Demon, the Arcana Continent wouldn’t be the Arcana Continent we know, but…….”

The next words were also common sense.

“This is a different story. Dragons buried deep underground, dragons that can fly in the sky and command the Arcana World?”

So there was only one possibility.

Park Minjae spoke up.

“If it’s something similar to a dragon…….”

“What? Something similar? Do you have any idea?”

“There are. In the East, you know, Mr. Okazaki.”


Mr. Okazaki, the head of AAU Tokyo, responded to Park’s question.

“Imoogi. A being that aspires to be a dragon.”


“According to Eastern legend, it’s a being that endures eons of time to become a dragon. Actually, I kind of had an idea, because he was the only giant reptile I could think of that was found underground.”

Park Minjae interjected.

“I was just wondering if it existed in Arcana.”

A long silence.

Back when Arcana was just a game, it wasn’t even worth considering. A monster that wasn’t even planned for, let alone updated.

But Arcana was no longer a game, it was another world.

“Monsters we don’t even know about. No, they existed.”

Besides, hadn’t this situation already happened once?

That’s why I couldn’t listen to it.

Questions poured in for Park and Okazaki.

“Is Imoogi strong? Is it like a dragon?”

I understand the sentiment, but you’re a bit impatient.

Park shrugged.

“I can’t really say, because we don’t know for sure yet, and even if it is Imoogi, I don’t have a clue what it would look like, but one thing is for sure …….”

Imoogi, or whatever it is, is a dragon-like creature.

That alone was cause for concern.

AAU ran the math soberly.

“So let’s say, let’s assume it’s a deteriorated dragon. Do you think the players who have currently entered the Teffern Labyrinth Rift, including Lee Ho Yeol, will be able to defeat it?”

The answer didn’t come easily.

“Lee Ho-yeol, I think it all depends on his performance.”

It was a different story from the Broken Dimension Rift and the Demon Castle Rift.

At that time, Ho-yeol was working together with the most powerful group in Arcana, including the Magic Tower.

Everyone knew that.

A small click of the tongue was heard.

“Even a legendary explorer, Fabian, is still an explorer, and given the limitations of his class, he can’t be expected to be of much help in combat…….”

A negative thought crossed their minds.


Someone spoke up in an urgent voice.

“Wait, there’s an additional update!”

“Anyway, Rayman, where are the additional updates?”

“Can you share the history with us?”

“Sure, just a second!”


Moments later, the update shared with all attendees.

For more information, visit: ──────

New Rift, ‘Teffern Labyrinth’ is added.

New monsters are added.

‘Teffern Black Contractor’ : Lv.450

New boss monster is added.

‘The One Who Must Not Be Awakened’…….


The One Who Must Not Be Awakened……!

Everyone’s eyes widened at the name.

Imoogi, to be a dragon.

Wasn’t it said that it was a being that crouched and endured for eons?

“Looks like the Korean and Japanese branch leaders are right in their guesses, huh?”

I couldn’t think of a better name for him.

But that wasn’t the only thing that surprised me.

” Hey, guys, the level is……?!”


‘The One Who Must Not Be Awakened’ : Lv.900


Level 900.

The strongest monster that had ever appeared.

A whopping 50 levels higher than the Demon King and Flauros.

The developers of Arcana.

They knew better than anyone that the gap of one level became more and more extreme the higher you went.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, the boss monster is a dragon?”

I could have sworn it.

He’s stronger than demons and even Plaurus.

A look of concern crossed the branch manager’s face.

“……Hold on, is everyone watching?”

The voice was urgent again.

“What do you mean, watching?”

“Park Hwigang. That’s the NetTuber who entered the labyrinth, streaming!”


“Can you share a link, or better yet, a screen share?”

……Something big has happened.

The streaming screen rising in tension.

An emerging view of the Teffern Labyrinth.

An unbelievable sight was unfolding there.

“Wait, is that a black figure……? That’s the Black Contractor of Teffern.”

[Teffern Black Contractor].

As stated in the update.

Normal monsters that appear in the Teffern Labyrinth Rift.

According to Arcana’s system, these monsters are subordinate to the boss monster, The One Who Must Not Be Awakened.

But why would such creatures…….

Park Minjae muttered in a low voice.

“……Why are they charging at Imoogi?”

A normal monster that was out of the control of the boss monster?

It was a sight that was incomprehensible to the developers’ common sense.

However, it wasn’t too difficult for us to understand the unbelievable situation. They had a good idea from experience.

‘…… is Lee Ho-yeol.’

What a trick.

His class ability.

Or part of a quest.

I didn’t have the slightest clue.

but I was certain.

It was Lee Ho-yeol once again.


Park Minjae spat out a laugh.

Even in the face of adversity, he proves his ability.

Isn’t this the level of blind faith?

“It wasn’t for nothing that everyone was calling you Homen and Mr. Ho-yeol, was it?”


[You have gained command of the Black Contractors of Teffern].

[10,890 Black Contractors in Tetfern]

[Current Status: Awaiting Command]

The message was not unfamiliar.

I have experience, after all.

You mean you’ve led paladins of the Goddess Church before.

‘Actually, in my heart…….’

I wanted to give the order to attack immediately.

[Causes ‘fear’ in a being that shouldn’t be awakened].

The 『Black Crown』 took away his five senses.

With the right amount of magic power added to it, [Fear], one of the highest status abnormalities, had occurred. In that situation, there was information that could be heard.

“Emergency update’? What?! Level 900?!”

What, level 900?

I thought I said it was big……!

This is beyond whining, this is real life.

Especially since I was shaking like a leaf.

‘Sleep trouble? If you accept that, I will fall asleep forever.’

So I just wanted to get it over with.

Like I said, [fear] is over the top.


Fear: breaking down the target physically and mentally.


It was the reason why players were afraid of the demon-type monsters, and one of the reasons why I was able to stand up to the demons, even though I didn’t have a clue.

‘Fear is an abnormality that can make the Demon King scream.’

Now that the fear had occurred, this was my chance to take him down.

But because of my damned pride……!

I said, despite the urgency of the situation.

“You have already sacrificed enough.”

I looked at the black contractors, the people of Teffern.

“And yet you wish to correct the wrongs?”

I asked.

I have gained command of the [Teffern Black Contractors], but I have not controlled the people of Teffern for a single moment.

There was no way that my pride, so heavy and complex that it could sink to the bottom of my heart at any moment, could tolerate such behavior.

But there was no time to lose.


The immediate effect of terror.

Huge pupils that reflected the agitation.

He struggled with his enormous body.


The labyrinth began to vibrate even more violently than before.

“Mr. Ha, shouldn’t we attack at a time like this?”

“You’re crazy, how can you run in there!”

“This thing can’t react no matter how much you back it. Seriously.”

A truly overwhelming force.

No one would dare to move in front of him.

Fabian, a legendary explorer who experienced many hardships.


Even he was holding his breath from the tension.

But there was no hesitation for those who wanted to correct their mistakes.


He gave no orders.

The Black Contractors charged at the cowering creature.

Because of the 『Black Contract』, only resentment remains.

Because of this, concrete action is impossible.


The thing that shouldn’t have been awakened sagged against it.

“……It’s nice to have an ally.”

“Is that even helpful?”

“It’s a hug, what harm can it do?”

To some, it’s funny.

Maybe even helpless.

But not to me.

Even if others can’t see it.

I know.

The meaning behind those actions.


The black contractors clinging to the creature turn an even deeper shade of darkness.

They dissipate into thin air as they emit proper magic.

In effect, a crystallization of pure proper magic.

The only thing the people of Teffern could do was their resentment.

All they can do is oxidize it and damage it.

In addition to the black magic perspective.

“Yes. I knew your pride.”

My specialty, the pride perspective.

In other words, I can’t let it happen.


White wings fluttering in the air.

I cranked up the power.

Interference and manifestation as natural as breathing.

Like a feather being pulled from a wing.

One by one, the elemental magic stored in the wings erupted.

I can hear the chatter of the players.

“……What is that?”

“Uh, is it a skill?”

“A skill? Where does it start, with those wings?”

But I don’t pay attention to their chatter.

No, I’m too distracted to care.

The people of Teffern are burning the last of their pride.

I can’t take my eyes off the last flame.

Yes, this is the weight I carry in my heart.

A hundred attribute magic manifested from the wings.

It was the 『Absolute Zero』 that opened the fire.

[It was an 『Anomaly』, an imitation of Senios’ ability.

Naturally, its power is overwhelming among the magic I can manifest.

Of course, its power consumption is beyond my capabilities, as I am only level 400.

[Effect: When worn, the user stores the attribute magic they manifest. The number of stored magic is proportional to the color of the outer wing, and when manifesting stored magic, the magic cost is reduced by 30%. – Current number of stored attribute magic: 100]

Even if you reduce your magic consumption by storing it in your wings.

[Magic regeneration is slightly increased for 6 hours].

Even if you add the effects of herbs.

It’s an unacceptable amount of energy consumption.

However, at this moment, I have no magic exhaustion.

[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ is activated].

Because [Natural Enemy] has been triggered.

I didn’t have to try to figure out why, my peaked Demon Hunter senses told me.

Deep in the Labyrinth, in the Rift, there were demons among the players who had entered.

‘If it were normal.’

Grandfell’s temper, the one thing demons can’t be trusted with.

It wouldn’t have been strange if he’d set out to hunt down demons before awakening those who shouldn’t be awakened.

But as I said, there were the people of Teffern.

“This is no place for inferiors.”

All things in order.

There are certain priorities.

The hunt for the demon comes after the creature is defeated.

……Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise for me.

Thanks to [Natural Enemy] being triggered, I was able to hit him with [Absolute Zero] right from the start. Even then, I was able to pull out my stored attribute magic without staggering from exhaustion.

[Inflicts ‘Frostbite’ on a being that should not be awakened].

[Inflicts ‘Bleed’ on a being that should not be awakened].

[Inflicts ‘Paralysis’ on a being that should not be awakened] …….

A level 900 boss monster.

However, this guy is not normal.

It has all kinds of debuffs on it, so it’s definitely worth a try.

No, I have no choice but to take it down.

I wasn’t alone.

[Black Contractor of Teffern 10,890]

[Black Contractor of Teffern 9,754]

[Black Contractors of Teffern 7,551]…….

The people of Teffern sacrifice themselves to the last man.

Hiel and the Dark Spirits.

And Fabian and his men.

“My lord, we will join you, though we will not be much of a fighting force……. My lord has told us to be prepared, so we’ve brought our weapons.”

Finally, to the players.

“Are you all just going to watch?”

“Earlier, you said you wanted to fight with Lord Ho-yeol.”

“Damn it, we have to do something. It’s embarrassing to watch!”

A being that shouldn’t be awakened.

Countless fusion attacks began to rain down on him.


The pain woke him up a little.


The creature began to wriggle even more violently.


The labyrinth, the rock wall, completely collapsed, revealing the creature’s flesh.

Indeed, its pupils were only a fraction of what they should have been. Razor-sharp teeth and claws appeared one after another.

“Holy shit, is that a dragon?!”

“It looks like one!”

“If only we were a little later, those claws…….”

The startled players reflexively backed away.

But I remained steadfast and refused to back down.

Hadn’t I told you?

I have no choice but to take him down.

Pride says so.

So do you.

Don’t expect to get away with it.

[The Pentagram of Pure Knowledge]

[Rating: Epic]

[Restrictions: None]

[Effect : When worn, you gain knowledge of every mineral and every plant on the continent of Arcana].

[Description : A magical tool that contains an immeasurable amount of knowledge].


Rock wall.

As long as minerals exist.

You will never be able to move a single scale at will.

“The act of kicking off the bedding will not be considered sleep disturbance.”


“Be polite.”


Quid pro quo─!

note: I think, the demon is within Park Hwigang party.